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Izzy's Space

Izzy loves looking out the window of our 395M. The corner section of the L-Shaped couch doesn't recline so it's the perfect spot for Izzy's special space. 

  • Rolled up yoga mats or non-slip rug.

  • Equalizer layer: for Izzy, that's her "Teddy bear rug"

  • Soft layer: puppy blanket

Jewelry Space


  • Purchased a "dorm room" pegboard at Target for $5.

  • Painted with $ 2 paint also from Target

  • Ordered "S" hooks from Amazon 

Now my jewelry is out of the way yet easily accessible and makes a pretty wall decoration too!

The Bacon Snatcher

Does Miss Izzy look sad to you?  Well, she is.  She was caught stealing bacon off the counter and a new plexiglass wall now keeps her nose and teeth away from the cooking area.  You can purchase a sheet of plexiglass at just about any hardware store.  Sand down the edges to round off the pointy edges.  Secure using command hooks positioned to hold the glass in place. 

Bacon Snatcher